12 Reasons why you should play guitar

12 Reasons why you should play guitar

Here’s why you should play guitar!

Have you ever wondered how playing the guitar positively affects you? I have.

Personally, I believe playing guitar or any instrument is healthy for your mind and soul.

I play guitar every day so it’s a normal thing for me to do, but when I’m down and stressed out and I grab my guitar I really feel that it helps.

I’ve noticed that it influenced my mood and I felt more relieved from stress. I just didn’t know why and how.

So I decided to dig deeper into the different studies made on this subject and here’s what I found!

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Here are 12 perfectly good reasons for anyone to learn guitar!

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12 reason why you should play guitar


And here’s a more detailed walk-through:

It’s a brain exercise

Playing guitar engages practically every area of the brain at once. Both the visual, auditory and motor cortices.

Imagine always working out with only your arms. In the end you will have very strong arms, but your legs will be weak. In other words, it is extremely important to do a full body workout. Maybe not in one day, but over a period of time.

Listening to music is like a workout focusing on one muscle. Playing an instrument is like a full body workout for your brain. It sends fireworks through your brain and exercises a lot of different areas simultaneously.

It increases capacity of memory

Two groups of 22 and 15 children participated in an experiment testing the memory.

The group of 22 3 to 4 year olds received weekly music lessons. The 15 other children didn’t receive any music lessons. The results showed that the children who received music lessons improved their spatial-temporal skills with up to 34% more than the other group.

play guitar spatial skills


Furthermore, the effect lasted more than a day — “long-term,” according to memory researchers.

This study also showed that children who started learning an instrument befor age 7, was more likely to develop perfect pitch. This is due to the fact that a specific place in the brain increases more at this age.

You get better with problem solving

The exercise of the brain allows musicians to solve problems more effectively in both academic and social settings, because making music also includes crafting and understanding its emotional content and message musicians often have higher levels of executive function.

You get better at planning and strategizing

Learning how to play guitar is done by structured practice. This teaches your brain what to do in order to achieve goals.

Better planning when you play guitar

Great guitarists acquire their skills through hours, days, weeks and years of practice. Good guitarists never stop learning. They are always looking for new skills to learn.

It strengthens hands and wrists

Playing the guitar puts you in positions you’ve never been in before. Certain chords and scales can be tough to pull off. Your body will get used to it over time and you will get much stronger hands.

The skin on your fingers will also get harder as you continue to practice. Many beginners experience sore fingers in the beginning.

Improving of coordination

Playing is both a coordination of both hands playing together and between your eyes, ears and brain. You have to read notes, play with your hands and listen carefully at the same time when playing the guitar.

And when you’re in a band you also have to coordinate with others! There are a lot of things going on simultaneously and you have to keep track of everything to be a good musician.

Playing guitar improves your reading and comprehension skills

Children exposed to a multi-year programme of music tuition involving training in increasingly complex rhythmic, tonal, and practical skills display superior cognitive performance in reading skills compared with their non-musically trained peers.

Children achieving high scores on pitch discrimination,” they concluded, “also did well on phonemic awareness and showed good reading performance.

Better reading when you play guitar

Better concentration

If you want to learn those difficult but amazing riffs played by the guitar gods, you have to stay focused and concentrate on every little detail. The picking, the sound, the notes, etc.

Great musicians practice many hours a day and stay focused for a lang period of time. This skill-set can be implemented in other situations in life – like doing homework and work in general.

It’s a social thing

As a guitarist you can join a band or jam with other guitarists. As you probably know; guitarists love to talk guitars and gear.

It really is one of the easiest ways I know of making new friends.

You get better at math

Music theory is build upon mathematic systems. You learn to analyze and understand these systems. Scales, chords and sound waves – they are all math and physics-related.

Better math when you play guitar

As a non-scientific note on this matter I can remember how well people did in math in my school back in the days. The musicians were definitely the top-students in math-class.

Reduces stress and improves your well-being

Study shows that playing an instrument can help you deal with life in stressful periods. Music can make you shift thought patterns and eventually influence your mood.

Recover your health while you play guitar

Havard health reveals that patients who listened to and played relaxing music after undergoing cardiac surgery were less anxious, which resulted in less pain. Relaxing music can lower your blood pressure.

The study also showed that people who listened to relaxing music:

  • Had slower heart rates and less distress
  • Were less anxious about their health
  • Had increased blood flow when listening to music that evoked joy
  • Had decreased blood flow when listening to music that provoked anxiety


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  1. Hi Soren Sir,
    I read the whole article.I really loved this article.It contains wonderful and valuable information.The reasons in this article has motivated me to learn to play guitar.I express my gratitude to you.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. Hi Soren sir,
    I really loved this article.It has wonderful and valuable information.The reasons have motivated me to play the guitar.Thanks for Sharing.

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