Easy songs to play on guitar (11 SONGS)

About my list of easy songs to play on guitar

With these easy songs to play on guitar all you need is a few basic chords and some simple strumming techniques and you are able to play great songs by huge artists and if you know a bit about finger picking you’ll have A LOT of opportunities when it comes to learning songs.


Guitar chords for beginners - guitar tutorial

Guitar chords for beginners (Guitar tutorial)

Introduction – Guitar chords for beginners

If you want to learn to play guitar but don’t wanna take lessons right away there are plenty of solutions to this.

When I started playing guitar I had this weird idea that I needed to be able to play at least 8 different chords and a couple of simple songs before I took lessons.

This is of course a very ineffective learning method and I bet that I would have learned the things I taught myself twice as fast if I had taken lessons.

But.. Of course there’s a “but”..

And because of this “but” I’ve chosen to show you a couple of easy guitar chords for beginners to get started all by yourself!


12 Reasons why you should play guitar

12 Reasons why you should play guitar

Here’s why you should play guitar!

Have you ever wondered how playing the guitar positively affects you? I have.

Personally, I believe playing guitar or any instrument is healthy for your mind and soul.

I play guitar every day so it’s a normal thing for me to do, but when I’m down and stressed out and I grab my guitar I really feel that it helps.

I’ve noticed that it influenced my mood and I felt more relieved from stress. I just didn’t know why and how.

So I decided to dig deeper into the different studies made on this subject and here’s what I found!


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81 easy guitar songs for beginners huge list

81 easy guitar songs for beginners (HUGE LIST)

Introduction – Learn guitar with easy guitar songs

Easy guitar songs are great to improve your skills if you are a beginner.

Even though I’ve played guitar for almost 14 years I still play easy songs like these.

I don’t think that what makes a good song is equal to how difficult it is – Thinking that is a common mistake made by many aspiring guitarists. You shouldn’t aim for playing the hardest songs ever. Your goal should be to make everything you play sound fantastic even though it only includes four different chords.


Learn to play blues solos - blues scale

Learn how to play a blues scale and improve your solos (6 tips)


Ah, the blues scale.. I love it!

Do you listen to blues?

In my time as a guitarist I have always been a huge fan of the great blues heroes like B.B. King and Eric Clapton.

They have been able to play solos that aren’t necessarily difficult but they sound like a million dollars coming out of an amp.

It isn’t magic. You can learn it too!

These solos are often based on the blues scale.

This post will show you 6 tips on how to play blues solos and teach you the minor pentatonic scales as well as the blues scale!


How to play guitar beginner's guide

How to play guitar – The ultimate beginner’s guide

Do you want to learn to play guitar online? What if I told you that you will be able to play your first songs on guitar within a week or just a few days? Have you ever thought to yourself

– “I really want to learn this song, but I just don’t know where to begin”

then you’ve come to the right place. This in-depth guide will teach you everything you need to know if you want to learn to play guitar and take the first steps into the life of being a guitarist. It will introduce you to the guitar basics so you can follow guitar lessons online by yourself. (more…)